Wild Swimming

Being by and in water is more than just a pleasure, it is the core of our human condition, suggests Daniel Start in his inspiring book, Wild Swimming.

The book takes us on a tour of the best and most intriguing wild swimming spots in the British Isles. The more people I ask about wild swimming, the more I appreciate how popular it is and how many people actively seek out natural waters such as rivers, lakes, lochs and waterfalls for a refreshing plunge in an idyllic and sometimes hidden location. Have I been living in a cave, why have I not tried this before?

Swimming in Loch an Eilein

Daniel Start identifies 150 magical swims in some of the least discovered parts of our stunning freshwater landscapes in the UK and guess what? Loch an Eilein is one of them! There is something really exciting about swimming to a ruined castle...it is a wonderful mini adventure! shares Alice Goodbridge, a seasoned wild swimmer who has experience swimming in many of the local lochs. She goes on to say, there's something special about swimming in Loch an Eilein, it is such a wonderful setting.

In Starts own words; The loch waters lie still beneath the gently shelving banks and although the castle is only a hundred yards from the shore the backdrop of the Cairngorms beyond rises thousands of feet high.


I don't know about you but the notion of wild swimming in this stunning setting fills me with tremendous excitement and intrigue and I can't wait for the next warm day when I can don my wetsuit and take a dip in this unique loch. I will let you know how I get on!

Written by Judith Thurlow, Operations Manager for Loch an Eilein Cottage.

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