Caledonian Sleeper - the relaxing way to travel

You have just finished up at work before meeting your partner for a bite to eat and together you jump on the 2115 Caledonian Sleeper train from London Euston bound for Aviemore in the Scottish Highlands. You are greeted warmly by the friendly crew clothed in their tweed waistcoats and tartan ties. The train is now on it’s way north so it must be time to sit back in the Lounge Car with a Scottish whisky or gin in hand and relax – your great Scottish experience has already begun...

The Caledonian Sleeper began operating on the 31st March 2015. It is an overnight train service, which runs between London and the Scottish Highlands - getting you to your destination refreshed and ready to start your holiday without any of the hassle associated with travelling by car or plane. You are able to book tickets up to 12 months in advance which really helps with forward planning.

There are one or two berth cabins with a washbasin and towels provided in every cabin. You can use the Lounge Car which provides a great choice of drinks and a tempting menu filled with Scottish produce including; Docharty tatties and Summer Isles smoked salmon. They even have a library of books, board games and daily newspapers on board if you fancy some light entertainment during your journey.

After a good sleep, you’ll arrive into Aviemore in time for a relaxing breakfast and then just a ten minute taxi journey to beautiful Loch an Eilein Cottage - you have arrived at your destination in an extremely straightforward and stress-free manner and you're ready to enjoy a wonderful Highland holiday.

Find out more about the Caledonian Sleeper or Book your tickets. You can even do a Virtual Tour of the cabin.

Written by Judith Thurlow, Operations Manager for Loch an Eilein Cottage

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