It's a dog's life

When we got together to discuss whether or not we should allow dogs to stay in our cottage, it ended up being a very short conversation...

... it went along the lines of, how could we not let dogs and their owners stay in our cottage. Loch an Eilein and the surrounding area is a haven for dogs to roam and discover. The Cairngorms National Park welcomes dogs and their owners with open arms. There is a great choice of cafes, restaurants, pubs, shops and attractions that happily accommodate dogs as well as the obvious myriad of walks on your doorstep.

In the cottage, the double-sided wood burner in the living room and bedroom are the perfect places for your pooch to curl up for a cozy snooze. There is also a large garden surrounding the cottage providing a private area for them to explore.

At The Cartwright Hotel in San Francisco, 'The Management' wrote this rather witty notice about why dogs are allowed to stay in their hotel.

We welcome dogs

While I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment that dogs generally behave extremely well, my experience is that humans do too (most of the time!)

It's definitely a dog's life here in the Cairngorms! Whether you live or holiday here, the Cairngorms is dog-lovers territory. Loch an Eilein has wonderful woodland for your dog to survey as well as the water's edge which provides boundless delight. This became even more apparent to me when we received a great response after inviting the followers on our Facebook page to share photos of their dog taking a walk around Loch an Eilein. Here are just two of the many wonderful photos that we gathered in response to our request.

Here is Stan, the Lurcher exploring the snowy banks of the loch. Thank you very much to Stef Lauer for capturing this wonderful image.

Stan on the banks of Loch an Eilein

This next photo is Rosie, a Lurcher/Rottweiler and is taken just a stones throw away from the cottage. Thanks to Beate Nisbet for sharing this beautiful image capturing Rosie posing perfectly in front of the dramatic backdrop of Loch an Eilein Castle.

Rosie in front of Loch an Eilein Castle

You may have some photographs of your own dog(s) enjoying this delightful loch-side walk and if so, we'd love to see them so please get in touch.

Article written by Judith Thurlow, Operations Manager at Loch an Eilein Cottage 


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